Archery Service

Strictly Archery offers all of your favorite name brand products and premier bow companies.  Thinking about a new bow?  Stop in our shop to test a few out.  We have demonstration bows available on all in stock brands.


Services offered:

Bow Tuning, Custom Strings, String & Cable Replacement, New Bow Setup, Crossbow Tuning, Traditional, Compound bows, Crossbows, Lessons, Leagues and much more!

Brands offered:

Mathews Bows, Mission Bows, Bowtech Bows,  Diamond Bows, Prime Bows, PSE Bows, Elite Bows, Truball, TruFire, CarbonExpress, QAD, Shrewd Stabilizers, Limbsaver Stabilizers, HHA Sights, Axcel Sights, Montana Black & Gold Sights, Spot Hogg Sights, Trophy Ridge Sights, Copper John Sights, Victory Arrows, Beman Arrows, Easton Arrows,  Goldtip Arrows, Black Eagle Arrows, and much more!

Bow Repair/Maintenance

Strictly Archery is a factory authorized dealer for MATHEWS, MISSION, ELITE, BOWTECH, DIAMOND BOWS, TEN POINT CROSSBOWS, EXCALIBUR CROSSBOWS, PSE BOWS, ELITE BOWS, PRIME BOWS, along with many others.  We provide sales, warranty, and service support.

Our archery department provides service ranging from simple accessory  installation to complete supertunes!  We make custom strings so we are  never out of your specific sized string or cable.  Need your arrows cut  to size?  Interested in custom fletching and cresting?  These requests are no problem at Strictly Archery. 

We welcome all bows to our shop, including traditional and crossbows!  We also offer draw board tuning, spine tuning and arrow tuning.

Please contact us for any specific questions you may have.

401 Earl Road Shorewood, IL    60404


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